Times & Fees
  • School Times 


The school is open from 7am for parents who need to drop off their children that early. The formal/official school day starts at 8.00 am. Half day is until 1pm. The school closes at 5.30pm.


  • Fees for 2017


A refundable deposit of R3000 is payable on submission of the enrolment form. Fees are payable on or before the 1st of each calendar month including December.
School fees include water confidence skills, and IT skills for the older children. No extra charge is made for these activities.


School fees include nutritious tasty home cooked meals.


The cost of the different age groups are as follows:


  • Baby Nursery & Baby Toddlers – children who are 3 months to 2 years old

Full day   R3700.00
Half day   R3500.00

  • Senior Toddlers – children who are 2 years turning 3 years

Full day   R3500.00
Half day   R3300.00

  • Pre-school -children 3 to 6 years

Full day   R3300.00
Half day   R3100.00


All fees above include a R100/month development levy.


There is a once off stationary fee of R300.00 for toddlers and babies. R500.00 for Grade 000 to grade R. This is payable before February 1st each year.


  • School  Terms


The school is open throughout the year, with the exception of the December holiday. We have 4 terms in line with public schools. During school holidays we are open as usual but run a more relaxed play filled programme. This gives children the opportunity to rest from the normal routine or if the family go on holiday, the children do not miss out on their formal programme. We close on public holidays and on days that fall between the date and the weekend.


  • Notice Period


Written notice of one calendar month is required when leaving the school. No notice will be accepted after the 1st of October each year. This means that fees are payable for all three months should you be leaving between October and December.


  • General information


All children will be issued with a note book for communications between teachers and parents. Parents are encouraged to use the little book to let teacher know anything about your child that she may need to know. There are the various requisites for the children on the application form. This lets you know what we will need you to provide on a term and yearly basis.