Baby and Toddler Centre

In 2015 we opened a new area of the school to accommodate babies and baby toddlers from 3 months to 2 years. We have three play rooms which are air conditioned and two sleeping rooms.

There is a camera system and activities can be viewed in the office area.

Petronella is in charge of the care of the babies from 3 months as well as overseeing the older babies from 14 months to 2 years.

She has many years of experience in caring for babies. Her standard of care is second to none. Petronella has come from being manager of a local baby care centre to Secret Garden. Petronella runs an age appropriate stimulation programme for the tiny babies whilst caring for her tiny ones with love and patience.

The ratio of adult to babies is excellent with Petronella being assisted by her two helpers in a baby room with no more than nine babies at any time.

Baby Toddler Classroom

Teacher Zandy is in charge of this class with a very high ratio of assistants to cope with the physical demands of nappies, feeding etc. We have a happy and calm environment for our little ones. When they sleep they will listen to soothing classical music to help them settle and have a relaxing rest.

Toddler Department

Senior Toddler Centre Grade 0000

Our dedicated senior toddler centre is the stepping stone between the baby classes and Grade 000 and caters for 2 to 3 year olds.

Our tiny ones have a wonderful time. They benefit from the care and experience of teacher Agnes and Nandipha, as well as the energy and devotion of her assistants. Singing, counting, playing games and enjoying messy play are all part of the day.

Toddler Playground

There is a higher ratio of carers to children in this section because of the extra workload involved in looking after the little ones.

The Senior Toddler Centre has its own dedicated play area which is fenced off from the main playground.

We deal with potty training in this age group as and when the children are ready.

Senior pre-schoolers

Secret Garden has a reputation second to none when it comes to our children being ready for “big school.”

All teachers are qualified in Early Childhood Development, and all are experienced in their field.

Grade 000, the children turning four, have two classes as do our Grade 00. Grade R is headed up by our Vice Principal, teacher Becky.

We follow the guidelines of the CAPS documents, (the Gauteng Education Department guidelines), and far more is included in our curriculum.

Lessons focus on developing social interaction and development. Our cornerstone is that of a loving, Christian ethos. Children are taught to take responsibility for themselves, to become independent in an age appropriate way, to problem solve and to strive to be “Christ-like”.

We consciously develop all vital areas of the curriculum; that is gross motor development,(big muscles), fine motor development,(small muscles including eye-hand coordination),introducing phonics – thus leading to reading skills – Secret Garden produce children who are reading by the time they leave us to go to Grade 1. Maths skills are naturally part of our curriculum as well as lots of art and craft, singing, dancing and music, not to mention ball skills and much more. Children learn through play,” is the pre-school teacher’s mantra. This, of course means that our days are full of fun and laughter, as well as being geared to a rounded and balanced school day.

Our teachers spend a great deal of time preparing their lessons. We have a huge amount of resources at their disposal. The progression from one grade to the next is organised to be carrying on where one grade left off, as the children progress to the next grade.