Our Day

Children may arrive at 6:30 and are supervised. Breakfast is served at 7am to 8am.

The activities for the morning begin at 8:30.

Daily Routine

  • 6:30 Arrival & Breakfast (Should you child arrive after 8am please make sure breakfast is eaten before arrival)
  • 8:00 All Toddlers and babies start the “morning ring”
  • 8:00 Pre-school playtime
  • 8:30 Morning Ring / Activity e.g. puzzles: painting: drawing: playdough: colouring: craft: cutting out, etc.
  • 9:00 Change of activity time
  • 9:30 Snack time – juice and seasonal fruit
  • 9:45 Play time
  • 10:30 Structured sessions
  • 11:00 Toddlers and babies lunch time
  • 11:30 Toddlers and babies rest – to suit the individual child.
  • 11:30 Lunchtime
  • 12:30 Rest – to suit the individual child. End of morning session and home time for half day children.
  • 14.00 Wake up, drink and biscuit.
  • 15.00 Teatime – Sandwiches and drinks
  • 13:00 – 17:30 Aftercare. There will be further outdoor play including sand & water play. Story time and plenty of fun activities.
  • 15:00 Tea time. A light meal is served with a drink. Rooibos tea is included with meals. Water is available at all time and the children are encouraged to drink water often throughout the day.
  • 17:30 Home Time


Breakfast is provided for children arriving at or before 8 am. The children are given a mid-morning snack of a drink and seasonal fruit. You may send two healthy snacks for your child for mid-morning and mid- afternoon. This must be healthy, for example: Yoghurt, fruit, cheese, savoury biscuits and the like. (We do not let children eat chips sweets chocolate or fizzy drinks). A proper, healthy cooked meal at lunchtime. A drink and biscuit is served after sleep time. A light snack is provided at 15:00. The children are given rooibos tea and are encouraged to drink plenty of water. Water is made available at all times. If you would like your baby to be given Purity, please send labelled Purity jars.

Breakfast: Porridge & tea.

Morning snack: Juice and seasonal fruit.

Lunch menus – we offer a Two week lunch menu with vegetarian option

Click Here to view Lunch Menu

Sandwiches are served at 3.30pm with a drink. The children are encouraged to drink plenty of water.