Our Priorities

Safety and Security

The safety and security along with the happiness and well-being of the children is utmost in priority. Fire drills and emergency evacuations are practised every few weeks. Care is taken to ensure that the children do as they are asked in a calm and orderly manner.

All teachers are First Aid and CPR certified and our support staff, have Basic First Aid instruction.

Teachers and assistants receive First Aid training when necessary.

A dedicated gate attendant is on duty during the school day with access to a reaction team if necessary. Admission to the property is restricted to parents or their representatives, bringing or collecting children.

Stimulation and Learning

Stimulation and learning in a fun and age appropriate way are our educational priority. The groups are small and the needs of the individual are catered for as necessary.

Principles and Ethics

Kindness and the principals of Christianity are practiced by our teaching staff as well as our Auxiliary staff.

Good manners and behaviour are taught and encouraged. Positive re-enforcement is practiced for good behaviour.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

The highest standard of hygiene and cleanliness is our practice. As well as every day cleaning the premises are treated every week by Sprinkle Spray who spray the entire property with an anti-bacterial treatment. Parents are encouraged to see exactly how we reach the level of cleanliness for themselves.

Sprinkle Spray provides a unique method of application in effective germ control.

They do not replace your current cleaning methods, but serve as a supplement to it, ensuring that your facility is protected against 99.9% of harmful bacteria.

Find out more at: www.sprinklespray.co.za

Preparation for “big school”

School readiness is of the highest standard. We endeavour to reach and go beyond the requirements for your child to start ‘big school’.

School readiness is of the highest importance. Language development and a full curriculum of maths, gross motor and fine motor development appropriate to age is high up on our agenda. Teachers have access to a huge amount of resources and spend many hours each week in preparation of class work. Our children have the best start in these vital years of their development. We are honestly second to none.