Welcome to the Secret Garden Nursery School

Secret Garden Nursery School was opened when childcare was needed for four toddlers in the family. We wanted care for the children that catered for them as individuals, in a family situation. When friends heard about us, they wanted their children to join. “It’s the sort of place you’d want your children to go to.”


The aim of our school is: To provide the type of care children would have from a family member who loves children and at the same time has knowledge and experience in child care and child development.


Since March 2009 Secret Garden has grown into the happy fun filled preschool that it is today. Secret Garden is split into three separate sections. We take babies from 3 months (three months) in our dedicated baby nursery. As they become ready they move to our baby toddler class for children up to 2 years. At 2 to 3 year old’s they move to our toddler section and 3 to 6 year old’s are in the pre-school section.


Emphasis is placed on kindness towards children. Their individual development is nurtured through play and age appropriate structured activities. Groups are small and well supervised by carefully selected staff.


Christianity is our cornerstone. Bible stories are read daily and prayers are said. Christian values are presented in an age appropriate way. Our school is set in a lovely garden on a large double plot property in Vorna Valley. The atmosphere is happy and peaceful as well as lots of fun.

What Parents Say


Secret Garden Nursery school has the aim of providing a happy, safe and loving environment for pre school children. Groups are small, thus providing individual attention for each child. A structured curriculum is followed appropriate to age.

Our Staff

Our staff is supported by several experienced caregivers. We are very particular in selecting the right people for the job. Our policy is to keep the staff/children ratio as beneficial as possible to the children.


The safety and security along with the happiness and well being of the children is utmost in priority. Fire drills and emergency evacuations are practiced every few weeks. Care is taken to ensure that the children do as they are asked in a calm and orderly manner.