Our Team

Principal Liz

Mrs Liz Crewe has been a qualified teacher for more years than she would care to disclose. Having played a role in helping to start one of the large private Christian Schools in Midrand in the 90’s she moved on to open a crèche of her own. The crèche has always had children attend from the family. This is as true today as it was when she started the school.

Now her two youngest grandchildren attend Secret Garden. The newest arrival to the family is in Teacher Petty’s care.

 Liz is forever working towards excellence in the area of developing young minds. She loves to be with little children and is determined to deliver child care and education to the highest possible level.  Being a mom of adult children and now teenagers, Liz knows what it is to raise children.

To give a quality service to the community is her vision. She has a heart for young parents and strives to give them the support that they so often need. It is particularly so for those who don’t have the luxury of a support system in terms of having family members close by.

Liz and her husband Phil work tirelessly to maintain the standards of Secret Garden and to develop the school. Their wish is to provide “the type of place that you’d want your child to go to. A place full of fun and love and where getting ready for the world beyond preschool is a reality”.

Teacher Becky

Mrs Rebecca Crewe- Brakte´ is Vice Principal of Secret Garden and teaches the grade R class with expertise and energy as well as being “hands on” in the day to day running of the school.

Teacher Becky is qualified to NQF in  ECD level 5.

She is a Practitioner with “Baby Gym” making her invaluable in dealing with the younger children in our care when necessary.

Becky is a devoted mother of her daughter who attends Secret Garden.

Becky is a talented artist and this is reflected in her classroom as well as the creative work that is done with her class of Grade R children. Becky is responsible for the Face Book posting for Secret Garden and is an accomplished photographer.

Becky is also an accomplished guitarist and flutist. She is always happy to bring her talents to school to share with her class.

Becky is an energetic and popular teacher and Staff Member, she is also a qualified swimming instructor, teaching various classes with great enthusiasm.

Teacher Lynne

Teacher Lynne has been with Secret Garden for a number of years and has experience with all age groups. Lynne teaches in the grade 00 age group.

She is highly qualified and experienced, having worked as far afield as the Middle East. Lynne has been a teacher for 10 years. Most of that time has been with Secret Garden.

Lynne is trained in the curriculum of the USA, the UK as well as South Africa.

Lynne has a degree in Early Childhood Education. She is busy finishing her NQF level 5, in March next year. She has completed numerous courses related to the profession including:  “Jolly Phonics,” Classroom Management, Behaviour Management, Maths and Science, Music, Classroom Décor, EASL (English as a Foreign Language), Basic Special Needs, Gross Motor Skills and Swimming Instructor with Swim SA.

Lynne deals with Curriculum development with the staff as well as being an energetic and popular teacher with children and her colleagues.

Teacher Petty

Petronella Mhlafu is our invaluable teacher, heading up the baby department. Petronella has over 16 years’ experience in caring for children aged 3 months to 2 years. Petty is a calm and patient lady who totally loves young children.

Petty is qualified in Early Childhood Development, a Practitioner with “Baby Gym” holding the Certificate.

Petty heads up the whole baby department which has the children aged up to two years old.

Petty holds her NQF level four in Early Childhood Development.

Above all, Petty runs the tranquil baby room with a passion for little children. Petty’s care of babies is of the highest level. She works with her assistants, Maria and Precious, and together they offer the highest standard of care.

Mothers can rest assured that their baby is in the best hands when they are in the care of this dedicated lady.

Teacher Zandy

Zandy is an energetic young lady who has over 8 years’ experience of teaching little children.  Teacher Zandy is teacher for the children turning 3 years old, or the Grade 0000 class.

Zandy is a fun-loving lady and a devoted mother of her little boy who attends Secret Garden. Her class is happy and lots of fun for the children in her care. Zandy is a calm and patient lady who loves children.

Zandy is an energetic young lady who has over 8 years’ experience of teaching little children.  Teacher Zandy is teacher for the children turning 3 years old, or the Grade 0000 class.

Zandy is a fun-loving lady and a devoted mother of her little boy who attends Secret Garden. Her class is happy and lots of fun for the children in her care. Zandy is a calm and patient lady who loves children.

Zandy is a qualified ECD teacher, holding her level 4 and the Baby Gym certificate. Zandy is a passionate and dedicated teacher who is loved by all the children in her care.

Teacher Kylie

Teacher Kylie has been with Secret Garden for a number of years.

She is a proud and loving mom and has a passion for little children.

Teacher Kylie is a popular member of staff and is a favourite with the three to four years that she teaches, that is grade 000.

Kylie is a fun loving lady and perfect for her job.

She is one of our qualified swimming instructors, and simply loves this aspect of her job as well as being a class teacher.

Teacher Nandi

Nandi has a class of two to three year olds, one of our grade 0000 classes.

Nandi is a calm and very patient lady with her NQF levels four and five.

She has a number of years’ experience as well as being well qualified.

Teacher Bianca

Teacher Bianca believes in teaching from the heart and in being a leader to her students. She wants to show them that teaching them brings a joy to her role.

Being able to be the leader they look up to, who believes in their educational journey. No matter the journey or obstacle that comes along, she wants her students to strive for their future by being that positive influence in their life.

Teacher Bianca has had 15 years’ experience working with all age groups from 3 months to grade R.

Her future studies will entail her to become a qualified Occupational Therapist.

At the moment Teacher Bianca is a teacher for our grade 0000 class.

Teacher Thato

My name is Thato Makeleni. I am qualified in Early Childhood Development. I am also qualified in “Reggo Emilia” approach which is an educational philosophy developed by Loris Malaguzzi, in Italy. The approach focuses on pre-school and primary education which is student cantered. I have 4 years teaching experience and I am extremely excited to join Secret Garden Preschool.

My mission is to gently guide my students and help them developmental, social and emotional milestones. My second aim is to instil a lifelong love of learning by using “play” as a vehicle for learning.

My favourite quote in by Thomas Edison, “Our greatest weakness is giving up! The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time”.

I look forward to each teaching day and I am honoured to be Grade 00 “Active Ants” teacher.

Teacher Fawn

Teacher Fawn joined Secret Garden in January 2019. Fawn has studied for her Early Childhood Development level 4 and is continuing her studies further. Fawn has taken over the Grade 000 “Clever Caterpillar” class and works alongside the senior teacher of that grade. Fawn has a natural love for children which is evident in her kind and gentle approach to them.

Fawn has found her passion in teaching pre-schoolers and it a talented artist, bringing a wealth of creativity to the classroom and to the school in general. We are delighted to have Fawn on our team. She truly is a naturally born teacher, displaying love and empathy, and a boundless energy to all the children she encounters.


Paulina is head of housekeeping. She is also at hand to help with the children.

She has a passion for the school and sees it very much as her “baby”. Paulina is excellent at her job.

She cooks the most delicious meals and is proud of the high standard of cleanliness and hygiene at the school

Our Support Staff